thai rice chips - wasabi (large pack of 3 - 100g)

₹ 795

Scrumptous chips made from toasted Thai sticky rice, with a bold wasabi blast. These snack ninjas start with a crunch and end with a zesty kick of flavour. This sneaky snack has definitely earned its blacked belt in delicious! (Bundle Pack of 3)


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Are these products natural?
Yes! All natch products are made with natural ingredients. We always keep it real!
Are these snacks vegan?
Yes, all natch products are completely plant based and are free from any animal products. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly.
Are these products gluten free?
They are 100% gluten free!
Are any artificial ingredients used?
No artificial preservatives or colors are used while making any natch snacks.
What is the shelf life of these products?
Our snacks have a 1 year shelf life.
Are the wasabi rice chips suitable for kids?
Our rice chips are suitable for children, however the wasabi flavour is very pungent and children may not enjoy that.
Are the wasabi rice chips jain?
The wasabi stem, is formed at the base of the plant and grows upwards above ground. It is this stem which is grated to produce wasabi paste and seasoning. You can use that information to make a personal preference.