chickpea popped chips - barbecue

₹ 99

Delightfully thin popped chips made from our favourite superfood, chickpeas. This crispy, low calorie chip is packed with lip-smacking barbecue goodness in each crunchy bite. Pop open a bag and let the BBQ party begin!
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Are these products natural?
Yes! All natch products are made with natural ingredients. We always keep it real!
Are these snacks vegan?
Yes, all natch products are completely plant based and are free from any animal products. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly.
Are these products gluten free?
They are 100% gluten free!
Are any artificial ingredients used?
No artificial preservatives or colors are used while making any natch snacks.
What is the shelf life of these products?
Our snacks have a 1 year shelf life.
Are barbecue chickpea popped chips suitable for kids?
Our chickpea popped chips are suitable for kids. The barbecue flavour has a little bit of chilli in it, so it depends on their appetite for spice.
Are the barbecue chickpea popped chips jain?
Unfortunately the barbecue seasoning is not jain.

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